Monday, December 1, 2014

Make an Earthquake of Your Presence

Make an earthquake of your presence.  It's a phrase the devil shared with Jōb.  Not the mythological devil, nor the literary Jōb.  I was in a rock musical in Toronto playing the role of Jōb in Jōb and the Snake.  My buddy Kevin played the Snake.  He told me the it was a Quaker aphorism.  But I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It is a phrase not of my own making, but it is an important philosophy I hold closely and quote as 'author and origin unknown' until such time as I am no longer ignorant of them.

But ponder it for a moment…  make an earthquake of your presence

It makes me think of walking into a room and causing a shockwave of good energy; physically imperceptible, but deeply healing and inspirational on the cellular level.  I picture choosing brighter colors, taking deeper breaths, climbing higher hills, taking bigger leaps of faith.

make an earthquake of your presence

Shaking hands more warmly, loving more deeply, singing more loudly, laughing... more.

make an earthquake of your presence

Having joy by causing it.  Knowing abundance by sharing it.  Knowing the Way by living it.

make an earthquake of your presence

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