Monday, March 20, 2017

The Jawbreaker Meditation (Yes, the Candy)

Hold a jawbreaker candy in your hand (or imagine one) as you read the following...

Picture your life as a candy like this. Unlike this brand new one neatly wrapped in your hand, you life is somewhere in the middle of this sweet reality. Some layers already gone. Plenty left to go. Unknown. Honor the yet-revealed layers. They are as much a part of your story as the layers which have already been sucked away, or the one visible now.

Picture the layers within. Imagine the colors of yourself that are hidden beneath. The stories you have yet to tell, the facts about yourself you have yet to discover.

Imagine this simple piece of layered candy as a symbol of your intentionality. Imagine it as a prayer. A wish. A wish for better service to others through self-awareness, through the fearless exploration of self. Layer by layer by layer. For who we are to others is based entirely on who we are to ourselves.

Inside both the candy as well as us is a potential far grander than the outside would suggest. A complex series of strata each unto their own. Special, unique. A multi-dimensional reality that far exceeds the imagination of everyone who looks at it. Even knowing that layers exist beneath, we are still surprised by them, by their vibrancy, by their individuality.

Will you choose to see more? Let appreciation and gratitude—for even the things about which ,you still don't know—be your mantra. Unless you do, you’ll miss the wonder, the awesomeness, the possibility. And life will do to you just what you do to the candy. Suck.



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