Friday, October 10, 2014

What would you like to do with today?

What would you like to do with today?  Assuming that all things are possible, what would you like to do with possibility of a day?  Will today be the day that you turn left instead of right?  Will today be the day where you learn to forgive someone that has wronged you? What will your prayers be like today? What will you ask for?  Will you ask for help, or will you ask to know?  Would you have the courage to ask the Universe, "What would you have me know today?"  This is a powerful question.  

What would you have me know? The question itself is a covenant with Spirit. It is, in essence, a promise. A promise we may not even realize we are making as we ask that enormous question.  It is a pact with God which states I am here, listening. 

But then, for what should we be listening?  Is it a sound? A voice?  Words?  Or might it be a flash of internal intuition so quick, arriving so fast, that the burst of idea comes almost before you have even finished asking the question?  Are you listening as you ask?  Will you ask, and then sit around tapping your fingers waiting for a text message from Source?  It is my belief that the answer does come. Though not in ways you might expect.

There is another philosophy of prayer which suggests that every day you should hold a question in your mind. Many of us might form a question like, "How can I solve my problem?"  But then in your thought communication with the Universe you are actually thinking about "my problem" and not "my solution."  It's about changing our thoughts.  It's about re-framing the ask.  It's about changing Help me, God to What would you have me know?  It's about changing Help me to not be fat to Help me to have a healthy weight.  I'm by far not the first person to say this.  This is not new information.  But it is spiritual advice that has largely yet to be taken.  We hear but we don't know.  We know in our heads but not in our hearts.  And we don't do anything with conviction until we know it in our heart.  So try it as an intellectual exercise for now.  Just think about your thoughts today.  What are you actually thinking about?  What you don't want, or what you do?  Maybe what you do different today will make a difference in your life.  Start with that thought.  A little hope never hurt anyone.

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