Saturday, July 23, 2016

Essay: See those folks loudly arguing over there?

See those folks loudly arguing over there?  Observe them for a moment but don’t conclude what’s going on by what they say.  Look at other parts.  What do you think these people WANT?  Not what they SAY they want.  What is the underlying honesty beneath? 

When people use God as an argument to do anything other than make friends they have another Want in mind than God.  What is it?  Figure that out and you’ll know how to help them.  It’s harder to be them than us.  But it’s ok.  They need this drama.  It’s important for them to experience it, in the cosmic sense.  We all of us have or shall spend time there ourselves to one degree or another.  

The world has changed and they don’t have quite as much control over things as before.  The rules have altered a bit in our favor and they're scrambling.  Pray for them.  That's the best way to help them get caught up.  That's all we really want anyway.  

It seems ironic that we would pray for those who might otherwise persecute us, but it actually helps.  Pray for their comfort.  I don't mean their luxury.  But a deeper comfort.  An inner peace.  For it is their lack of inner peace that makes them so angry.  So afraid.  And they have a right to be afraid.  They are human, too.  

Without condoning their actions, it’s understandable and logical that they would behave in this way.  How else would you imagine them to behave, those who rail against social and political progress?  In the United States we've now had two terms of a black president, gays can get married and serve openly in the military, transgender rights, stem cell research, legal abortions, needle exchanges, condoms/evolution are IN school, prayer/creationism are OUT, and people are Constitutionally allowed to burn the American flag!  OF COURSE they're freaking out!  They want things to remain the old way because they understand the old way.  It feels safer to them.  They don’t yet realize that the world is safer the freer it gets.  It's probably more profitable too, for that matter.  They should take heart.  

But these days they’re sitting on the edge of a societal and spiritual cliff from which they could safely jump if only they had the courage.  And it makes them only angrier as they come to believe they really don’t.  But they know not what (power) they (really) do (have).  Pray for them to be able see it.  They don't know there's nothing really to be afraid of.  

The still-afraid, like everyone else, advance in stages, though.  We’ve watched it in the evolution of the words used by our political figures during the last two decades especially.  Incredible leaps toward social diversity are also highly visible in the content of our television programming.  The social movement inches forward step by step.  With or without the old guard's consent, in the end.  
The language of civil rights has become quite sophisticated.  Informed by a sacred right yet invoking no God.  For if there is a God, perhaps It has lovingly empowered us to claim our equality among mankind for Ourselves, cheering us on all the while.  Perhaps the best expression of our sacred empowerment is to know that God is within us and IS us.  The improved treatment of humanity continues even as it is battled against by the old and dying parts of this world.  Yet progress continues nonetheless.  Steady on and snowballing.  Those who say we are in a social decline are not looking at the Big Picture.  But that’s just because it’s such a small keyhole through which we are able to see it.  But once you have, you can’t unknow it.

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