Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hopeful Thinking - Saturday, August 5, 2017 - Thank you for the way

    Thank you for the way.
    That is usually the full extent of my prayers. Those five words. Thank you for the way.
    Thank you for the unexpected solution. For I have faith enough and reason both to conclude that to my concern there is a likely answer. Somewhere. In a drawer or in a thought. It already exists. Perhaps I am courageous enough to hope there might even be a win-win situation. Just out of my view. Just around the corner. But real enough. Connecting with its likely existence is the first step to finding it. The first step away from despair. I believe the solution exists. Even if I can’t yet see it, can’t imagine how it could possibly get here, and wouldn’t believe it if you told me. Thank you for the way.
When praying on behalf of someone else it’s the same thing. Thank you for the way. Thank you for whatever it might be that can bring this person or this situation a relief from suffering. Thank you for anything which might soothe their fears. Thank you for whatever peace exists in the heart of my enemy. I may not see it but I am still going to say hello to it.
    I have chosen to refuse to believe that evil is the predominant force in the universe. I don’t pretend to know why bad things happen. But I believe that we are connected to one another for a reason. I feel a deep sense of knowing that love is the predominant force in the universe. Only fear can distort it. Like an awkward lens. Thank you for the way through fear.
    Thank you for the way we have been shown how to love one another. Thank you for every time someone embodies the teachings. No matter to what god they pray. Thank you for mercy.    
    When everything is going well and life feels good I am always sure to say it. Thank you for the way. I remind myself that, yes, there was in fact a way. And I didn’t give up and eventually I found my way to it. I let gratitude rest upon me.
    It’s like putting on a different pair of sunglasses. The old ones were scratched. But you were used to it. You were used to having a slightly dim view of the world and the people in it. But that’s all about perception. Our perception influences the opportunities and solutions we are willing to pay attention to.
If we really think there’s a perfect job out there for us we will literally never stop looking for it. And those who don’t give up usually end up getting what they believed already existed for them. They became attuned to noticing every possible pathway toward that direction.
This is the intersection of the logical and the spiritual. This is also where two roads then diverge as to why things happen the way they do. Some will say that there is no God or God has nothing to do with it. Some will say that everything has to do with God. But the truth is, it is irrelevant to what we credit our solutions and salvations. What matters is that we choose to believe the answer already exists whether or not we see it. Notice and be grateful for every step in the direction of your dreams. Thank you for the way.

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