Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hopeful Thinking - Saturday, November 16, 2019 - Being the Messenger

It occurred to me, while watching a documentary about advanced mathematics recently, that there is a difference between something that has been created and something which has been revealed. Mathematicians think of mathematics as something which has always existed and is “discovered” over time rather than something which humanity has invented from scratch on its own. By what is that discovery encouraged?

Some world scripture is defined as having been “revealed”—by God, ostensibly—rather than written. This takes the authorship of the text out of human hands, which are considered transcribers rather than authors. In other words, a person may be putting pen to paper, but they claim the words are not theirs.

In modern spiritual terminology this would be referred to as channeling. Although some may take exception to the term, channeling is, by definition, what’s occurring when a person is claiming that they are transcribing ideas which do not come from them, but from something other than human, and through extra-sensory means which are not explainable. This is literally what scripture claims to be as well. They use the term revealed.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all conclude their texts to be divinely revealed. According to their own traditions, all but the Judaic laws were physically written down by human hand, even if dictated by something else. Mainstream Christians also conclude that the subsequent translations and editing processes were divinely inspired as well, allowing for the viewpoint that even deliberate attempts to alter the Bible away from God’s intent would either be thwarted or were part of the plan all along.

Mathematics is fascinating with regard to the universality of its language. Math is constant and is believed to have always existed. Mathematics is something which is and has been either discovered by, or revealed to, humanity over time, depending on your viewpoint.

Nikola Tesla believed, as Albert Einstein believed, as many of our most brilliant theoreticians, mathematicians, and scientists have believed that a large portion of their best work has simply come to them in a dream or an enhanced state of awareness. Oftentimes these discoveries occur simultaneously throughout the planet, but we learn only of those who said them out loud first. What could we infer from this?

I am a person of deep faith. I have faith that there are things going on behind the scenes, which are beyond our understanding, but are always in loving support of the progress of humanity. That is my faith. We are not alone, we are loved, and it’s all going to work out in the end. That is what I believe.

So when I think about discoveries in the areas of science or mathematics and read the words from humanity’s greatest scientific masters about how these “discoveries“ occurred, I am compelled by my faith to conclude they are part of a bigger plan. I can’t help it. I believe that an “energy” (for lack of a more generalized term), which most people refer to as God, is behind these discoveries, and as such, I find no shame in thinking them revelations. Why shouldn’t we?

For then we are, by that thought, given license to consider where else revelations are still being made without recognition, credit or awareness? I don’t think God has an ego in the way it has been described. I don’t think God is jealous or vengeful. Those are human failings which do God a disservice to ascribe to It. So we don’t always need to be aware of, and therefore proclaim, the source of our best and most loving ideas. Take the credit. If they are truly being so subtly whispered in our ear, assigning credit is obviously far secondary to the more important goal of their existence in the world. It’s better that good ideas just be out there.

So now the big question is: Does God whisper in your ear, too? My faith tells me yes. It’s a good idea to attempt to sit quietly and listen to it once in a while. Or to run with your gut instincts on something. Or to write down a good idea that suddenly comes to you while you’re in the shower. We’ve all had moments like this. What do we make of them? What do we do about them? Do we believe that revelations are only for other people? You are “other people” to someone else.

My faith tells me that the supply of water behind the tap is always there. It is our choice whether or not to turn the handle and let it flow. When in doubt, visualize just that. Visualize a faucet being turned on full and allowing a sink to fill with water glinting in a beam of sunlight from a window. Just enjoy that thought without expectation or wishes. It will flip a switch inside you. Something higher may deserve the credit for the ideas which will come, but you will still deserve the credit for being their messenger.

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