Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Hopeful Thinking - Saturday, April 23, 2022 - Taking Note of Our Connection

Not long ago, I watched a video online about our electromagnetic connection with the earth. Of course, all of these types of things are subject to actual scientific scrutiny. A video I came across online does not qualify as a peer-reviewed scientific article. Let’s remember to keep all things we see in perspective.

However, it does pose an interesting thought. And something which aligns with our current understanding of even the magnetic sphere which surrounds our planet. All of this around us is electromagnetic in nature. Everything has polarity. Including our cells and organs. The elements all have polarity. And the overflowing abundance of that we see every time we shock our finger on a door knob or witness a bolt of lightning. The very atoms in our bodies are held together by the same force.

There is a bit of advice in this: Come into contact with the earth. Physically. Literally. Regularly. Touch the earth and discharge the excess electricity within you. Draw from the earth the type of charge you really need. 

Most organized world religions give their authority over to a higher power not of this earth. But the ancient traditions maintain reverence for the cycle of earthly life. They push their hands into the soil to hold in them the source of their sacred accountability. It is the earth to whom they are answerable. This is their authority. This is their rulebook.

The earth makes all the rules, for the record. We should note that a bit more often. Our best task is to listen and obey them. From the Judeo-Christian perspective this world is God's creation and as such is as sacred as God Itself. If you would love God, you would do so through the earth itself. Honor God by giving gratitude for the earth. By protecting it. The earth religions honor Goddess the same way.

Our pagan traditions recognize the wheel of the year, the seasons, the cycles. Both in the sky as well as the earth. As above, so below. These cycles are embedded within us, within our emotionality. The waters of our body respond to the waters of the earth in tandem. Acknowledge your significance to the earth and your connection to it will be strengthened.

We recognize that at certain times of the year, as the seasons change, we change ever so slightly with them. As the light dims so too do our spirits tend. As the leaves unfold again in the spring we breathe a sigh of relief. It's more than just the cold. Or the return of warmth. 

This is something deeply intrinsic which goes beyond any religion or philosophy. We are made of this earth in the most literal terms. There is no molecule in our body that was not first a part of this planet. And the stars before that. The minerals in our bodies right now, brought to us through the food we eat and the air we breathe, were once a part of this earth. 

In all likelihood I have, we all have, inhaled molecules that were only weeks before submerged in the mantle of the planet. We are all thoroughly connected to it. You cannot deconstruct soup. It is fully entangled. There is no line where the earth ends and we begin. 

Every atom in our body arrives to us via the earth. We are literally the clay of it. To dust we shall return because we are dust already. Yet what a wondrous and complex thing, a single speck of dust. 

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